A recent poll by Brightwave found that more than two-thirds of Learning Technologies delegates felt that greater employee engagement was the most significant improvement that personalised learning could bring to the workplace.

Learning Technologies Group has agreed to buy Rustici Software LLC (the co-creator of the learning interoperability standards, Tin Can API, or xAPI) for a sum of USD26 million from its founders, Mike Rustici and Tim Martin.

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Adapt Learning, the popular authoring language, is set to benefit from an ambitious initiative led by Learning Pool. From April, Adapt Learning will be available online and free for users who want to create interactive e-learning that works across multiple devices.

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Open digital badges are changing how individuals’ credentials are recognized as publicly viewable artifacts that not only contain claims to learning, but also provide evidence of that learning.

Pearson has notified customers that LearningStudio will be shut down as a standalone LMS over the next 2-3 years.