Pearson has notified customers that LearningStudio will be shut down as a standalone LMS over the next 2-3 years.

Josh Bersin believes that 2016 will bring dramatic changes in the world of Human Resources, Learning, Talent Management, and HR technology. With this in mind, the latest report from Bersin by Deloitte "Predictions for 2016", discusses ten predictions for the year ahead.

Schools that experiment with bring-your-own-device policies have reduced their costs but must cope with a variety of student devices, some of which don't meet minimum standards for computer instruction.

And if a student misuses a device, it could be taken away from him or her, creating the exact opposite situation that benefits education. Naturally, the student who is prone to misuse a device is often a student who needs the device most. Textbooks don't generate such tricky issues.
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A new-generation learning management system (LMS) is one of the key products on display at the Learning Technologies event, taking place in London’s Olympia on 3rd and 4th February 2016.

eCom Scotland will launch eNetAuthor, a new cloud-based authoring tool for eLearning teams, at Learning Technologies 2016. 

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You don't need to go to Cambridge to enjoy all the fun of a wildly expensive education.

A list of a few e-Learning tools that help you build professional e-Learning courses with embedded quizzes, surveys, interactions and much more…