The Moodle Users Association announce that they are now accepting memberships that will be used to help drive the Moodle project.

The Association is a not-for-profit organisation, separate from the main Moodle company, where monies raised via membership subscriptions will be used to fund development projects voted on by the Members.

There are four levels of membership, starting at 100 AUS dollars (approx £49) for individuals going up to a Gold organisation membership of 10,000 + AUS dollars.

In taking out a membership, you are buying voting points, where each dollar of membership provides you with 1 voting point - so the higher your membership level, the greater your voting power.

The core business of the Association is to propose projects, develop specifications and to decide (by vote) which projects, membership funds will be used to develop, before handing the projects to Moodle HQ for development.

We're viewing the Association as an attempt by Moodle to raise additional funds without the need of going to the market to seek private equity or commercial revenue so they can remain independant as an open source community project.