Nitrospark, is releasing major updates to its Nitroworld – the avatar-based 3D world – and the Nitrospark Games-Management System, at this year’s Learning Technologies conference and exhibition.

Nitrospark’s managing director, Jim Piggot, says that the new versions represent a real leap forward, maintaining the company’s position as the provider of premier, proven games-based learning software.

“Both new releases build on technology that’s been refined over almost a decade,” says Piggot, “adding in new features based partly on customer feedback and partly on our ambitious development roadmap.”

The new release of Nitroworld, version 3.1, adds significant functionality to the program’s developer interface, World Builder tools, Megaboards (interactive displays used to make almost any format of content available in-world), communications between learners and the artificial intelligence of non-playing characters. Nitroworld provides a 3D, avatar-based virtual environment for truly interactive learning.

Nitrospark’s Games-Management System jumps to version 2.1 and features user interface improvements for content-developers and partners – making it easier and more intuitive to create, edit and manage games-based learning modules. The Nitrospark Games-Management System is designed, as the name suggests, to make the development and management of games-based learning programmes as non-technical as possible.

Nitrospark’s products are designed to place games-based learning within reach of almost any organisation. According to Piggot, Nitrospark can make games-based learning as affordable and easy to develop as less engaging e-learning programmes. “There’s no price premium for games-based learning when using our products,” says Piggot. “We’ve broken down that barrier. And our new versions have dozens of new features – but there’s no increase in price.”

Nitrospark is exhibiting at Learning Technologies 2017, on stand M17. As part of the event, Nitrospark will be running a games-based learning programme ‘what do you know about the United Kingdom?’ – which is open to all of the event’s attendees. The ten people with the highest scores will receive a two-month Nitrospark software licence; the highest score will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet, worth around £150.

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