Report in the Glasgow Herald about the plans of Paisley-based Bolt Learning grow it's £1m turnover from first year of business by targeting US investment to make its e-learning software the de-facto global platform - the equivalent of Amazon Marketplace for online training.

Managing director Tamlin Roberts said he was targeting US investors because of their “think global” approach.

The Herald reports that Bolt has now also launched virtual reality (VR) training.

“There has been a growing interest in VR,” said Mr Roberts. “It puts workers in a situation they will face and so gives them confidence they will know what they are doing on site.”

Mr Roberts said he was targeting US investors because they had a “get it done” mentality. While investment is part of the 2018 strategy, he believes that fostering relationships now will bring long-term benefits.

“We could grow organically, open an office a year but we would rather get investment to accelerate that,” he said. “It’s about getting serious investment. The aspiration among US investors is bigger. In Scotland a lot of investors do not even look beyond the border.”

Full article available at The Herald.