A story from Julia Freeland Fisher in eSchool News that looks at the evolution of “a disruptive force that is increasingly changing how we teach and learn.”

The trends she identifies are:

  • More student choice and responsibility for learning
  • Digitization
  • Personalized learning for EVERY student
  • New models yet unknown
  • New technologies yet unknown


Julia also points us to the Blended Learning Universe resource which is a free database that hosts more than 500 examples of schools implementing various blended learning models.  She says the data set suggests that blended learning is not “one thing”; rather it is being deployed to solve a wide variety of challenges facing a diverse array of school systems.

From conversations I've been having and what this article suggests, especially considering trends 4 & 5, is that there is not yet a right or a wrong way to do blended / elearning.  

You can read the full article at eSchool News.