Building on their belief that open source principles can enhance and reshape organisational cultures, the Open Organization Ambassadors have launched their Open Orginazation Maturity Model.

The Model is a framework any organisation can use to become more transparent, inclusive, adaptable, collaborative, and communal.  The model outlines the steps that individuals, teams, and organisations can take to critically examine their practices and chart their progress toward becoming a more open organisation.

Many organisations are embracing openness as a step toward growing success, believing it can lead to:

  • Greater agility, as members are more capable of working toward goals in unison and with shared vision;
  • Faster innovation, as ideas from both inside and outside the organization receive more equitable consideration and rapid experimentation, and;
  • Increased engagement, as members clearly see connections between their particular activities and an organization's overarching values, mission, and spirit.

While every organisation is different, the Model identifies five characteristics that serve as the basic conditions for openness in most contexts:

  • Transparency
  • Inclusivity
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Community

The Open Organization Maturity Model is a community-driven, collaborative effort builds around the Open Organization Definition.

Both documents are available under a Creative Commons license.