• Course Standards: Where R We Heading?

    There has been a lot of information out there, okay, I’m kidding there hasn’t been much of anything when it comes to course standards. At least not in a long time.

    Rather the focus has been on course development and frankly, courses. I’ll readily admit that regardless of the course standard you use, if you create click-click-click courses, than no course standard will make it engaging. Bad is bad. Boring is boring.

  • Learning Analytics Webinar: The State of xAPI and IMSGlobal Caliper

    Apereo webinar examining two critical standards in learning analytics space - xAPI, and IMSGlobal Caliper.

    The presenters are Aaron Silver, from DISC, the organisation tasked with xAPI interoperability and conformance, and Anthony Whyte of the University of Michigan, who has been centrally involved in recent IMS Caliper developments.

    The drive to deliver education at scale coupled with a demand for accountability backed by measurability has spurred the application of “big data” principles to the business of education.  

    Two learning technology specifications, ADL’s xAPI and IMS Global’s Caliper Analytics, now offer standardized approaches that aim to address the data and semantic interoperability issues inherent in the blending/sharing of learning data between systems.  



    A PDF of the slides is available here.