Online learning and development company Aurion Learning recently launched their second annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, detailing their achievements and successes throughout 2014.

The report, available to download here, outlines the initiatives Aurion has taken over the past year to positively impact their employees, local community and the environment.

Initiatives undertaken include participation in digital literacy programmes for over-65s, reading with children in local primary schools and the introduction of a number of measures designed to encourage employee engagement and wellbeing.

Aurion Learning’s endeavours to conduct business responsibly were recognised in May 2014 when they were selected as ‘Right Place to Work’ in the Irish News Workplace and Employment Awards.

As well as benchmarking CSR successes in 2014 in comparison to previous years, the report sets out six new aims for 2015, ensuring the continuing development of initiatives and practices that enable Aurion Learning to conduct responsible business.

Speaking of the report, Ciaran O’Hare, Director of Aurion Learning said:

“Conducting business responsibly is one of our core values at Aurion and the publication of our achievements to date and our aims for the future allows us to communicate this to stakeholders both inside and outside of the company.”