Glasgow based learning management system Create-eLearning announced today that it has adopted the global brand name CreateLMS. It has also unveiled a new logo, and brand value statement “Great service, great price, great LMS.”

Founder and CEO, Mark Taggart, said, “We reached out to our customers and undertook extensive investigation on where they felt our strengths lay; they were clear in their response that our LMS, price and service levels were second to none.  We knew in rebranding that we had to find something that communicated those strengths concisely in a new brand value and identity.”

Co-Founder and Head of Customer Success, Carol-Ann Stevenson felt that the rebrand made complete sense to their existing customer base: “Customers have felt, for some time now, that our purpose and ambitions had outgrown the generic name Create-eLearning – we are the leading UK supplier of LMS and this wasn’t really reflected in our brand name. Working with our loyal customers to come up with the new identity was a fun consultative process we all enjoyed.”

CreateLMS will officially christen its new brand with clients at their Global User Group Conference to be held later this year.