eCom Scotland have secured a grant from Ufi Charitable Trust to fund virtual reality (VR) research. Ufi is an independent charity dedicated to increasing the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology.

VR for Learning and Assessment
The Digging into the Past project will develop an immersive learning and assessment experience to support an education programme run by an environmental charity. The education programme helps disadvantaged young people into employment and the objective of the VR project is to increase the number of students completing the programme. This ground-breaking project is one of the first to use VR for combined learning and assessment.

Immersive Observational Assessment
The education programme includes a mandatory observational assessment which is only held a few times a year. If a student misses an assessment they often drop out of the whole programme. This initiative will create an immersive experience simulating the original assessment, giving candidates another opportunity to be assessed.

The students will view and interact with 360 videos and images, recording audio clips to log their experience as they go. Once complete, they will submit the recorded evidence to the assessment engine for observational assessment.