Aurion Learning will be presenting “Digital Learning in Healthcare – success stories and lessons learnt" at the next NHS Special Interest Group Meeting.

Gavin Woods from Aurion share key insights and knowledge that have contributed to the success stories of learning and development in client healthcare organisations, including the Health Services Executive Ireland and NHS Education for Scotland.

Time: 10.30am – 2.30pm

Venue: Postgraduate Medical Office, NHS Education for Scotland, Level 8, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee  DD1 9SY

Cost: Members: Free / Non-Member £60

The event is open to all employees of the NHS.

To book a place, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our masterclasses will help you get the most out of digital learning in your organisation. They will give you lots of practical tips and techniques on how to put a plan in place to make informed decisions on the best learning design, tools and technology for you and how to build internal capacity to design, deliver and manage digital learning locally.

We’ll also give you an insight into some of the latest learning technologies available that will help you develop digital learning on a budget.

Our masterclasses will bring together expert speakers in our 20:10 sessions where we will deliver 10 top tips in 20 minutes with time to explore issues that are relevant to your organisation. You’ll hear from real-world practitioners who have ‘walked the talk’ of digital learning and who describe their experience and lessons learnt along the way.
Who should attend?

Learning and Development Managers, Learning Consultants, Trainers and Facilitators who want to get a better insight into what’s happening in Digital Learning and how it can help improve performance throughout the organisation.

09:00 -09.30 Registration and Networking

09:30 - 09:45 Welcome and Introduction

09.45 - 10.15 20:10 Session: Getting started with Digital Learning

10.15 - 10.45 Case Study

10.45 - 11.15 Tea, Coffee and Networking

11.15 - 11.45 20:10 Session: Building Internal Capability

11.45 - 12.15 Case Study

12.15 - 12.45 20:10 Session: Digital Learning Technologies

12.45 – 13:00 Wrap up and Close

Attendees will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of digital learning
  • Understand the latest trends and insights in digital learning
  • Discover the range of learning technologies available
  • Receive actionable tips and strategies to improve learning and development in your organisation
  • Learn how organisations have successfully implemented digital learning as part of their Learning and Development strategy
  • Network with peers and like-minded professionals

Masterclass dates & Locations
Dublin - 25 September
Belfast - 9 October
Edinburgh - 23 October

Visit Aurion Learning to book a place.

The Training Foundation have recently launched a new programme which extends their existing TAP Programme.

The TAP Programme is renowned for its unique focus on Quality Assurance of all L&D activities. Indeed, the QA models were the reason that TAP was recognised by a Queen's Award for Innovation in 2005

The TAP Certified Assessor Programmes for the face-to-face training medium are well established in all sectors, and following consultation with TAP client organisations The Training Foundation have developed the e-QUAL Programme which extends the TAP Assessor Programme to also provide a best-practice QA capability for the e-Learning medium.

A 13 page brochure covering the e-QUAL programme for eLearning Assessors is available from the TAP website, which will help businesses to objectively assess the quality of internally developed or externally bought eLearning to industry benchmarks.

The programme was launched to NHS Wales and has since been endorsed by Clive Shepherd, an eLearning guru in the UK.

eQuals programme brochure

One of the principal aims of the eLearning Alliance is to create opportunities for individuals and organisations from different sectors to come together and share their experiences, skills and knowledge of eLearning. As part of that aim, the eLA selects key events in the conference calendar, lending its support for the benefit of you, our Members, and the wider eLearning community.

We are happy to announce that registration has opened for the 6th eAssessment Scotland conference – the UK’s largest event dedicated to exploring the advantages of the technology-enhanced assessment practices. We have supported the event since its inception in 2009 and can promise those of you who attend a day filled with practical workshops, insightful keynote presentations and seminars covering a wide range of assessment and feedback approaches.

Highlights of the day include:
·         Implementing Open Badges
·         Audio/Video feedback on assignments
·         Assessment design
·         Tools to improve on tracking progress
·         Assessment Analytics

If you do sign up and come along, then make sure to stop by the eLearning Alliance exhibitor stand and say hello!

Register now for eAssessment Scotland 2014.


Sexual health charity, FPA in collaboration with online learning experts, Aurion Learning have developed a new bespoke online resource in the area of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) for primary schools across the UK. 

The online portal; Growing up with Yasmine and Tom, which is designed to be used from age five to 11, supports the teaching of sex and relationship education in the primary school classroom.
The learning portal comprises lesson plans supported by a series of graphics and interactive elements that the teacher can access through a whiteboard in the classroom to cover topics such as the potential dangers of social networks and sexting and includes discussions to challenge stereotypes around gender and sexual orientation in an age-appropriate way.

SRE expert Claire Lightley who put together the resource said it was the culmination of more than 14 years work in the field – having trained hundreds of school teachers, schools nurses, care staff and youth workers.

“Young people at secondary school tell us they would have liked more information around these issues from an earlier age,” she said. “And we have responded to major concern from teachers and parents that they want to address internet safety, and issues like sharing personal information, before they are faced with them.”

“Having collaborated previously on the award winning education resource ‘All About Us’, we are privileged to work with the team again at FPA and deliver their full requirements for this forward thinking resource and share our expertise.” Said Dr. Maureen Murphy, Managing Director at Aurion Learning.

She added:

“The online learning resource was designed to enhance the teaching of this subject and is supported by a series of graphics and interactive elements that primary school teachers can access conveniently through a white board in the classroom.”

Northamptonshire deputy head Sarah Beach was one of a panel of teachers who has tested the resource.

“It’s essential that primary school children hear certain messages clearly before they are exposed to the maelstrom of secondary school,” she said.

“So they can, hopefully, make informed decisions and have the emotional maturity to cope with a very different environment and different pressures to conform.”

She said children at her school spend a lot of time on computers and watching TV, which ‘skews’ their knowledge and leaves them ‘worried about the outside world’.

“Although our children are very streetwise, they do not have a lot of positive educational experiences outside the home environment.

“Growing up with Yasmine and Tom provides a great starting point for discussions and I can also use it to support our new teachers too because unconfident and untrained staff can shy away from difficult questions.

“The resource is very age-appropriate and it is fantastic it also covers online technology.”

FPA’s acting chief executive, Dr Audrey Simpson OBE, said: “We know that teachers want to deliver accurate, informative and useful SRE, and help pupils to make the transition through puberty, adolescence and into adulthood, but that sometimes they lack the confidence to tackle the issues involved and aren’t equipped with specialist knowledge.

“Equally, through our Speakeasy course, we know that parents want the best for their children; to help them develop the necessary skills to successfully navigate all different kinds of relationships.

“But often, especially if they didn’t have particularly good SRE themselves, it can be a difficult process and many are embarrassed or unsure about where to start and what to say.

“In fact, parents on our Speakeasy courses have told us they were surprised at how little is covered by the SRE that is taught in schools – and that they expect schools to be doing much more to prepare young people for life ahead.”

You can watch a video introducing the characters of Yasmine and Tom to primary school children, and try a free demo of the resource.

The full list of topics covered in Growing up with Yasmine and Tom can be seen here.

The sexual health charity FPA gives straightforward information, advice and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK. FPA educates, informs and supports people through our specialist sexual health programmes, helpline and information service, counselling service, training and publications and public awareness campaigns.

Alliance Member, Norman Lamont, has launched a new business venture, Light Touch Learning.

Many of you will know Norman from his time as Learning Technology Manager at Lloyds Banking Group, and prior to that when he was pioneering e-learning (or Computer Based Training back then) at Britannia Building Society and Scottish Widows.

Through Light Touch Learning, Norman offers consultancy to in-house teams and elearning projects, particularly at the beginning of the project:  performance consultancy, and Cathy Moore's Action Mapping method.

He can train in-house teams in how to get the most from this method, and also how to write engaging and relevant learning scenarios.

You can get more details about Normans new venture at

The annual survey from the eLearning Alliance helps us track trends in the eLearning market, allowing us to keep a weather eye on the current and important issues to our Members and non-Members alike.
The survey results also help us to monitor how the market is moving.  We will collate this year’s data with that collected in previous years, and this will help to show the movement there has been in the key issues.  This data helps to add a degree of certainty, to what is often only a gut feel.
And finally, the survey provides the Alliance with information about the services we provide, and helps us to identify possible changes we may need to adopt moving forward.
The survey is open for 6 weeks (closing on 1st August), and I would be grateful if in this time you could find a few minutes to complete the questions and help in the continuing development of the eLearning Alliance.
We will send a summary of the results to all eLearning Alliance members, and to all non-members who complete the survey (and leave a contact e-mail address).

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