As is often the case after the Festive period, the new year provides an opportunity to review, re-affirm and outline plans for the coming 12 months.  So as we recover from the celebrations and move into a new year, we’ve decided it would be a good time to review and re-affirm our own goals for the coming year.

1) We’ll collate stories from across the community and publish them to as wide an audience as possible via our websites and our Bulletin email.  The aim is to publish user stories and case studies which highlight what works (and what doesn’t) when using technology to deliver training and learning opportunities.  In addition, we’ll bring you the latest stories about what’s happening both locally & internationally in the technology tools and resources space, and consider how these developments may be used in the training and education arenas.

2) We’ll share our views about technology stories that are making the headlines and keep an eye on what’s coming down the line.  Some of the things we’re currently keeping a watchful eye on include mLearning, wearables, gamification, augmented & virtual reality and blockchain.

3) We’ll provide events that meet the CPD and learning needs of the community.  Our own events will include our quarterly discussion groups and workshops.  In addition to our own events, there are many webinars, workshops & conferences run each month across the community, so in addition to keeping the website updated with the events we’re running, we will also publicise other events available across the community.  

4) We’ll share resources which we believe will help people develop and use eLearning.  These resources will include courseware as well as templates, methodologies and whitepapers.

We currently anticipate the broad themes we’ll be focussing on this year are:

  • Return on Investment
  • Creating quality learning opportunities
  • Getting more from your existing tools & resources
  • Overcoming the challenges of using eLearning, and
  • Using open resources

We believe the value of the community and the opportunities presented by the technology will grow as we network, share and learn, so please:

  • keep networking,
  • keep sharing, and
  • keep learning.

You can keep up to date with the work we are doing by visiting our websites ( & e-LearningNow ) as well as via our twitter feeds (@eL_Alliance & @eLA_JobsBoard).