Every aspect of the curriculum has a part to play in helping children and young people understand the world of work, the parts which they might play, and the contributions they might make to business, employment and the economy in their careers beyond school. Within that overall framework it is possible to see a unique role for the technologies, and the particular logic and clarity of a special relationship which the technologies can share with creative, productive working life in the 21st century.

Technologies at Work highlights ideas, issues, projects and resources from across the learning and skills landscape. It aims to help business and schools identify and make the most of the common objectives and synergies of the technologies and young workforce initiatives. It makes connections between subject areas, between education and business sectors, and between the economy and learning. Education Scotland, who commissioned this Informed Scotland Special, encourages partners in business and across education establishments to use the resource, recognising the important bridge the technologies provides between the communities of school and work.

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