The Jisc Student digital experience tracker is a survey of students' expectations and experiences of technology, that provides a snapshot of the state of technology-enhanced learning in UK post-compulsory education.

The tracker is a short survey based on a concise set of questions which have been trialled with higher and further education students for readability and ease of response, covering issues that are important to learners and/or to staff with a focus on the learning experience.

The survey includes questions on access to digital devices, course-related digital activities, institutional level digital provision and support, and learner skills.  It was piloted with 24 colleges, skills providers and universities in 2016. It was then edited in response to feedback, new questions were added, and it was run again as an open pilot in 2017.

The 2017 open pilot shows 74 UK institutions ran the tracker with their students collecting 22,593 student responses, while 10 international universities collected an additional 5,000 student responses.

The results of the 2017 pilot are available here.