Survey report from Barnes & Noble College

Referred to as “The Sharing Generation,” the generation that’s “All Technology All the Time,” and “Born Digital,” Generation Z (Gen Z) could not be more different than previous generations. Widely regarded as describing those born as early as 1990 or as late as 2000, Gen Zers’ oldest members are now in high school and college, and have ambitious plans for their education, their careers and their lives.

Searching for authentic and meaningful experiences, Gen Z is more independent than their predecessors – turning online to research their options, yet interacting with others for insight, but ultimately – and more so than in previous generations – making their own decisions.

Gen Z is different in other ways, too. They’re more practical and financially-driven than their Millennial counterparts, and their preference for self-learning fuels a curiosity and concern about personal fulfillment and social impact.

This “Getting to Know Gen Z” report marks the first time Barnes & Noble College has shared their findings on the next wave of college students: Generation Z. They explored attitudes, preferences and expectations regarding educational and learning experience. These initial insights are a springboard for colleges and universities to begin understanding the mindset of Gen Z as they prepare for their future, focusing specifically on their aspirations, college expectations and use of educational technology for their academic journey ahead.

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