Once you understand accessible design and inclusive design, you can’t turn back. That’s because changing your design habits is not only easy, it has a big impact on the lives of others and it benefits everyone.

This podcast is a conversation with Connie Malamed (eLearning Coach) and Brian Dusablon from Learning Ninjas.

They discuss:

  • Difference between accessibility and inclusive design
  • Limits of accessibility guidelines
  • Methods for adopting an inclusive design mindset at the start of a project
  • Creating your own standards for inclusive design Lenses of accessibility to analyze for eLearning: animation; audio and video; color; controls; readability
  • How to design inclusively for animations
  • How to design inclusively for typical graphics and the challenges of infographics
  • How to design inclusively for audio and video
  • Looking at the lens of time in terms of inclusive design
  • How to get started quickly
  • What to do if management is resistant to inclusive design
  • Biggest challenges regarding accessibility in the learning industry

You can listen to the conversation here - the eLearning coach.